Saturday, June 30, 2018

The heat of RM60 Commemorative Banknotes

This morning seems to be very happening at Bank Negara Sasana Kijang, the road pass by the Sasana Kijang normally have little traffic but you can see cars starting parking road side and the number of people are building up from as early as 7am, any special occasion for today, yes, it is the retail sale for the RM60 Commemorative Banknotes and also 2 other types of Nordic Gold Coin.

Today most people are targeting the RM60 Commemorative Banknotes, it seems member of public are very excited on this issue until we noted that the one who q at the first place is actually waiting from 3am, and the retail sale is actually only start at 10am.

To recap of the story of this issuance, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) first announce on this Commemorative Banknotes on the 14th December 2017, which they have 3 types of it, single piece of RM60, 3 in 1 uncut of RM60, and the world largest banknotes of RM600, which open for balloting application and to be collect at various branches of BNM.

Details of the issuance price and issuance quantity can be found here.

The first batch of successful applicant under the balloting process is been inform to collect their Banknotes from 25th January 2018 to 28th February 2018 in various BNM branches which they selected during their application, the balloting process had restrict one person can only apply for 5pcs of single piece RM60, 1pc of 3 in 1 uncut and 1pc of RM600.

When the collector thought that all notes are sold of, on the 28th February itself, BNM have an announcement that the retail sale of the remaining single piece RM60 will be start from 5th March 2018, the announcement can be seen here.

For some reason, we can understand the situation, as the quantity of single piece RM60 issue are 60,000pcs and unlike other 2 types with 6,000pcs issued each. And the retail sale only last for 3 days which again most collector thinking it is the end of stock from BNM.

And the best part is coming up, there are quite a lot of collector fail the ballot application for the 3 in 1 uncut and RM600 for the Kuala Lumpur area, it is heard that the 3 in 1 uncut and RM600 allocate to BNM branches outside Kuala Lumpur is not taken up, and all is collect back to the Kuala Lumpur headquarter and re-allocate for those who fail in their first balloting process, BNM inform the success applicant via SMS to collect their banknotes on 23rd June 2018.

Ok, well that will be the end of the story for 3 in 1 uncut and RM600, anyway, 6,000pcs issued quantity is not a problem for the market to absorb, but......wait a minutes, it seems the unsold stock from BNM branches is not only 3 in 1 uncut and RM600, there are RM60 unsold stock as well.

And again, this time BNM announcing for the retail sale of RM60 on 25th June 2018 and the sale date is today which causing a huge Q at Sasana Kijang.

The huge crowd is finishing the remaining RM60 available in BNM, judging from the overwhelming respond from member of public, is this piece of RM60 have a potential of value gain as the RM50 Commemorative Banknote issue by BNM 10 years ago? During that time the RM50 issued quantity is 20,000, but the RM60 issued quantity is 60,000.

Anyway the 6,000pcs of 3 in 1 uncut and RM600 definitely have its own potential. It is heard the the huge crowd turn out today also helping the Sasana Kijang souvenir shop to finish up the stock of the RM50 SUKOM 98 Commemorative Banknotes which issued 20 years ago in conjunction of Malaysia hosting the 1998 Commonwealth Games, it is also the first polymer banknotes in Malaysia, but taking 20 years to sold out, it may consider hard to accept by the collector who bought it 20 years ago.

The 2 photos of RM60 and RM600 with PMG grading is taken from the website for your viewing purpose only, and those are not my items.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lotte Chemical Titan Holding Berhad

I found out that Lotte Chemical Titan Holding Berhad (LCTITAN) (5284), is quite an interesting company to trade on if one have enough holding power.

Listing on 11th July 2017 with IPO price of RM6.50, which is already slashing from their initial plan of RM8.50, the share price currently is RM5.30 at the time of writing on 21st September 2017.

Just forget about the fundamental or technical analysis which there are more expert out there, I just wish to share it's volatility of the share price during this tenure after their listing.

After the listing on 11th July 2017 until the date of 28th July 2017, their lowest and highest price are RM6.11 and RM6.53, with Maybank Investment Bank serve as stabilizing agent during that period, and the company, surprisingly offer a refund of RM6.50 IPO price, for those successful IPO subscriber that would like to change their mind not to subscribe although the share already allotted to them.

The fierce selloff of the share occur on the 31st July and 1st August of 2017, which saw its share price plunge from a high of RM6.13 to the intraday low of RM4.14, after they announce a lower than expectation quarterly result with the reason of water disruption during that period.

The low pricing at trading price of below RM4.50 is staying until 11th August 2017, and their uptrend start on 12th August 2017 to the intraday highest of RM5.94 on 12th September 2017. In this period of time, there are quite number of fund manager or investment bank initiate coverage on this stock by giving the a fair value mostly higher than their IPO price of RM6.50.

The share price resume downtrend from 13th September 2017, which should be seen as a correction after consider the duration of uptrend with indicator may showing overbought at that period, and here come the event in this 2 days.

Yesterday, it is reported that a small fire broke out at their Pasir Gudang plant at their site of the TE3 project, you may find the announcement on the Bursa Malaysia website, in the announcement, it stated that the fire happen on 2.23pm and is put off on 2.41pm.

What happen is LCTITAN is closing at RM5.29 yesterday during the afternoon break, and the share price straight away saw a gap down opening start from 2.30pm and it go to lowest of RM5.20, which should be believe there are people know the incident which they can selloff the share in the first place. After the fire put of they might feel the loss is not significant and it close at RM5.29 yesterday, still a 20sen down from the previous close.

It is today another gap down opening at RM5.16, and going to lowest of RM5.04 intraday, it started claw back from low to reach at RM5.30, even up 1sen from the previous close, and the stock is suspended for the announcement to be made by the company later.

Friday, September 15, 2017

A half day tour at Bank Negara Malaysia's Museum and Art Gallery

It is Sunday morning on the 10th September 2017, I'm heading to the Bank Negara Malaysia's Museum and Art Gallery to collect the commemorative coin issue in conjunction with the 29th SEA Games and 9th ASEAN Para Games. 

The process of buying the coin for this time is a little bit special from the previous commemorative coin issue which member of public need to queue up at here in the early morning in the past occasion, this time, Bank Negara is using online pre-order and balloting process for member of public to buy the coin, details of the process may refer to this link

After collect the coin, impress with the rather new building of this Sasana Kijang, I'm decided to have a quick tour on it, and let start by filling my stomach in their nice ambient café. 

From the café, you can enjoy a nice view inside the café, quite a relax feel, member of public can visit this Museum and Art Gallery daily 10am to 6pm including weekend and public holiday, it only close for first 3 days of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The link about this Museum and Art Gallery is here

I start my visit from the 4th floor which is their Art Gallery, the Art Gallery will feature different theme from time to time, the day when I'm visiting, it is featuring the exhibition title of "The Unreal Deal" which showing six decades of Malaysian abstract art. This exhibition is shown from 31th August 2017 to 21st January 2018.

Getting a grand view of the building while walking around at 4th floor.

While viewing the art at 4th floor, you may find some nice view from the window or the glass wall from the gallery.

Not forgetting to get another shot before going down to 3rd floor for the Numismatics Gallery, or we may call it a money museum for a simple understanding. 

Personally I more interested in paper note, and all those paper notes display in this gallery really open my eye, of course, other then paper note, the gallery also feature ancient money, old coin, and you may try to recall if you still able to remember the history subject that you learn before.

One floor lower, it is Bank Negara gallery which feature the history of Bank Negara, and the economics gallery is also at the same floor, the ground floor have the children gallery, and the souvenir and gift shop, at the shop, other then the souvenir and gift, you may found pass issue of commemorative coin and bank notes that didn't sold out still available at here for you.

Bank Negara is having such a nice Museum and Art Gallery that I think still many Malaysian is unaware of it, why not pay them a visit if you really scratching head on where to go during holidays.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Trigo 2nd Auction live auction website

Here is the website of liveauctioneers for you to check on the list of auction banknotes and coins.

50 Ringgit 12th Series. Zeti Aziz Commemorative

Lot 195 View Catalog


50 Ringgit 12th Series. Zeti Aziz Commemorative issue with 50th Anniv Logo (KNB75a:P49a) Serial no. AA 0012857, UNC


Auction Detail
Lot Viewing

Viewing at Trigometric, Amcorp Mall

Unit L3.27 Amcorp Mall No,18 PSRN Barat

Pusat Perdagangan Amcorp 46050 Petaling Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

16 - 17 Oct 2015

From 10.30am - 6.00pm
Bid Increments

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


After a successful organizing the first auction on Malaysia and foreign banknotes & coins, Trigometric is organizing their second auction at Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya on 18th October 2015.

This is very interesting to see how the collector value the prices banknotes & coins, the auction catalog is already release, and collector can find it under the below link, which you may interesting to find how some of the action items starting bid price.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Bank Notes and Coins Auction

It seem Bank Notes and Coins collection is getting popular in Malaysia, an Auction which organized by Trigometric Sdn. Bhd. which held on 15th March 2015 is getting a great respond from the collector, here are the items that put on auction on that day and the realize price at the bottom table.
Trigometric Sdn, Bhd. will be organizing Trigo 2nd Auction Malaysian and Foreign banknotes and Coins, details can be found in


Monday, October 20, 2014

Just my thought after impress by Tan Teng Boo speech!

Recently just attended for the 2014 Investor Day organize by Berhad, and I'm enjoying the last 2 session on the 12th October where Capital Dynamics MD Mr. Tan Teng Boo giving his speech and the Q&A session.

Most of the concern by the iCap shareholder and other potential shareholder is why iCap share price is trading at about 21% of it Net Asset Value (NAV) at the time of writing, and high cash holding in this close end fund which shareholder feel the cash is not fully utilized.

Actually when we see the purpose of setting up the iCap close end fund and the value investing stretching by Mr. Tan, we should be don't have much question on why the fund is keeping high level of cash.

Talking about value investing, the team of iCap is working in looking for any undervalue stock in Bursa Malaysia for a long term investment purpose, since the team found there are no such target in the market, keeping the cash should be the best option.

Traders may feel there are still such opportunity to trade in the market, as everyday market also have it top loser and top gainer, which provide the trade opportunity, but it just not the purpose of iCap.

And for a person who like to be an investor, the biggest enemy may not be the the lack of knowledge in the market, but most probably "patience" is the biggest hurdle. By looking at the iCap portfolio with all the stock entry level during that period, let say we all have the same entry level like iCap, how many of us will keep the portfolio as like iCap do? May be most of us will sell out the share with little profit cause by lack of patience.

On the day Mr. Tan show many statistic in both in global and local economy which actually giving the fact that why we should not too optimistic on the Bursa, if you as a consumer walking down to the street, and found many retailers in all kind of field telling that business is not too good and some may struggle to survive, why should we think listed company can enjoy the profit like the pass few years.

So considering the fact shown by Mr. Tan, I'm totally convince by what he had telling us on that day.