Monday, December 31, 2012

A perfect closing for KLCI index in 2012

What's more can you say, closing at the all time high of 1688.95 points for KLCI index in the last trading day of the year 2012, I can just say it is perfectly done, although initially I wish to say it is perfectly manipulated.

When the whole world share market is actually trading in caution with down trend, due to the uncertainty of the US fiscal cliff and debt ceiling issue, Malaysia is one of the market that defy the odd and keeping its index green for the last few trading days of year 2012.

Year-to-date, KLCI is up 10.34% , in the last trading day of 2012, the index is actually hovering at negative zone with its lowest touch 1673.69, but some late buying during the pre-closing session of the index link stock such as Maybank, KL Kepong, Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) which turn the index from negative zone to up 7.62 points and close at all time high.

It will be interesting on how to manage one portfolio for a better return in the year 2013, should it be maintain as it is or revising action need to be take place, mostly for the first quarter Malaysia market should be traded cautiously on the coming general election, but should we ignore that they might be a small rally before coming Chinese New Year? 

Let's have some time reading all the research house report, and analysis their point carefully.

Chart Source: Yahoo Finance

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