Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oversea Enterprise Berhad

This is not a very exciting stock to trade with, most of the time only have very thin volume, I guess not many will consider this counter and most of them may be IPO holder that stuck with the IPO price of RM0.23 during listing.

Since listing it gradually drop to hovering at between RM0.11 to RM0.12, they have a sudden spike with high volume on 27th March 2012 which touch highest price RM0.21 on that day, and that also a one day show, it gradually go down again to hover at RM0.12.

With thin volume most of the day, I suddenly noted it have a very big volume Q at the price of RM0.135 at the pre-opening session on 21th December 2012, which is already 1 cent higher than its previous close, it prove that it again do a one day spike with high volume but the highest it go this time is RM0.165.

It is quite interesting if one can hold the share at around RM0.12 and only sold on the day it spike, but it prove that the spike may only last one day, which for those can't monitoring it everyday, or one may just miss the day it spike may cost them the sell opportunity.

Graph Source: Chart Nexus

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