Friday, January 4, 2013

Why not continue The Edge Malaysia Apps?

Initially The Edge Malaysia and The Edge Singapore weekly introduce their APPS on Apple Apps Store with free complimentary copy by few sponsors which I remember SP Setia is one of the sponsor as well.

But currently when I go to the Apple Apps Store, I can't find the related Apps for The Edge Malaysia weekly (The Edge Financial Daily is still available on the Apps Store), instead you can find The Edge Singapore weekly still in the Apps Store list.

Although The Edge Singapore weekly is no more free copy with some subscription fee need to pay for each issue, why The Edge Malaysia not following the step by charging the reader who willing to pay for it if the complimentary issue is stop due to sponsoring problem.

I think they will be a lot of them willing to pay for the soft copy, as it will more environmental friendly compare to hard copy, and for the sort of searching old article, searching at your tablet is more convenience by flopping all over the old issue hard copy, the space of keeping those info also can be safe up. 

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