Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's up on Green Packet?

When the KLCI index is breaking at record high, there are one counter is trying to test it history low.

Green Packet, a company that their shareholder may not happy to have it share with buy and hold strategy, unless the holding point start from now, if not, shareholder may only see the share price shrinking for the past few years.

So what contribute on the  weakness of the Green Packet share price? Is it because of the continuously loss making quarterly result for the pass few years, or the shareholder is fed-up by the promise given by the management, for being forecast profit quarter is coming soon but seem no sign of touching a break even point.

For Green Packet to turnaround for a profit quarterly result, it will really need to rely on how their P1 is performing, if their P1 subscriber is able to increase steadily, Green Packet should be a company worth to watch about at current price of about RM0.33. And anyway they already achieve 5 quarters continuously EBITDA positive, which mainly contribute from P1.

Anyway, P1 still have a lot of work to be done to be recognize as one of the famous broadband service provider locally, their service in term of connection speed and stable-ability is key point on how they wish to increase their subscriber rapidly, as you able the ask your friend around you who use P1 service before, may be you will know what exactly happening.

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